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Server OS as a workstation... hmmmm

Server 2016 in all its minimalist glory. Start menu and extras courtesy Stardock :) OK before I get roasted YES I KNOW it's not the purpose for which it's intended, however.... It happens I have a couple of unused licenses so here are my thoughts on the topic of using a server OS as a everyday desktop system. I am very much in the school that less is more and rather than give you some long winded blurb I'm gonna break this down to plus and minus points with a conclusion. Lets start with the negatives..
1) Cost! 100's rather than 10's, also bear in mind the system is licensed on Cores, got a range topping i7 or Ryzan and you will certainly hit the limits (16 cores per license). 2) Technicality, You need to KNOW what the hell your doing! (Installation/Configuring) Enough said. 3) LTSB ( this is either a plus or a minus ) but don't expect sweeping feature updates every few months
Now the Positives ( My take )
1) SECURITY!!! by default this baby is designed to be Locked dow…

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